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Data Entry Services

B-Softech Services is a one of the pioneer data entry company providing data entry services since 1999. Our data entry services are designed to provide affordable data entry solutions for small or large size data entry projects. We are delivering fastest, 99.98% accurate and secure data entry services to various business organizations, government, educational institutions or universities.

Being a leading data entry company we have served various size of business firms sizing from startup to large enterprise which are in requirement of quick and professional data entry services. Outsourcing data entry to us in India increases productivity and profitability of firm which requires data entry services. Our quick and professional data entry services help to establish and streamline business operations. We provide high quality, time bound and secure data entry services with 60% low data entry cost.Contact our data entry specialists now to save up 60% data entry cost.

Our decade long industry experience, state-of the art technology, flexibility and availability of large set of skilled people has made us see success in innumerable projects ranging from conversion of documents in hardcopy format to softcopies, directory entry, entry from legal documents and many more such mundane jobs on which you expend both valuable time and costly resources.

Excel Data Entry
Online Data Entry
Offline Data Entry
Web Data Entry
E-Book Data Entry
E-Commerce Data Entry
Catalog Data Entry
Company Reports Data Entry
MS-Access Data Entry
Questionnaire Entry
Product Registration
Forms Data Entry
Legal Data Entry
Image Entry
Book Data Entry
Text Data Entry
Numeric Data Entry
Entry from Yellow pages
Data Entry from Documents
XML Data Entry
Survey Data Entry
Business Card Data Entry
Menu Data Entry
Data Entry into Online or Offline Database
Capcha Data Entry
PDF Data Entry

Data Processing Services

B-Softech brings you the most comprehensive and illustrious data processing service. At B-Softech, we take care of all the available information and provide them an absolute data processing service. Our data processing services eases your business solutions to let you stay away from the expensive in-house data processing and its related issues such as technology, work space, and manpower etc. Over all, B-Softech‘s data processing service provides you enormous room to concentrate on the functional business processes.

Under Data Processing services, we can offer you to do : Structure / Restructure / Format / Reformat / Modify / Update /  Index / Build effective data management tools to sort, track and retrieve data in just a few clicks.

  • Data editing services
  • Data cleansing services
  • Data indexing services
  • Data mining and ware housing services
  • Data analysis and authorization services
  • Cheque Processing
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Form Processing
  • Survey Processing
  • OCR Cleanup

At B-Softech, we make our clients to feel comfortable and stay away from all the data processing nags. B-Softech‘s ‘Data Processing Service‘ is the ultimate data processing tool that aids you manage all your data processing discomforts. B-Softech‘s data processing service is well guided process supported by experienced data processing crew and advanced technology. At B-Softech, we provide our clients the best quality customized data processing services. Our data processing services are accurate and secured services. We serve our clients on a 24/7 basis. Ultimately, we provide our clients with most cost effective data processing service with faster turnarounds.

Data Conversion Services

Data conversion is a transition service where data in one form is being converted to another form. Every organization maintain there data in a unique format which accomplish their requirements. The data sophistication and storage medium are diversified and has urged the business leaders to take on conversion services. You can find your organization an absolute data conversion service.

B-Softech, is the perfect data conversion partner of your organization. Our data entry operators are phenomenal and we use state of the art technology to deliver you an ideal data conversion service. Our data entry service can handle a wide range of conversion solution to data of varying dimensions. Our conversion solution involves a customized process, where in your data are converted to the format that you desire.

  • Document Conversion
  • XML Conversion
  • SGML Conversion
  • HTML Conversion
  • Book Conversion
  • PDF Conversion
  • Office deed conversion
  • Catalog Conversion

At B-Softech, our data conversion service involves ingenious applications that comprise of advanced technology such as; Optical character recognition OCR, Intelligent character recognition ICR, and Optical mark recognition OMR. Our data conversion services are tyrannical, 24/7, bulwark, and economically viable. We deliver your transformed data mediums via Internet, FTP’s, CD/ DVD-Rom’s, and Memory devices. We deliver your converted data at your desktops.