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Page Formatting Rules

  • Page Number, Chapter No, Book No, Part No, Appendix No, are not required so remove it where it comes. (See Example 1)

Move the heading in the Extreme left of the page. (See Example 2) 

Always maintain 1 line gap after Main Heading on the top of the page. (If there are more then one heading on page only give one line gap after first heading.) (See Example 3)

Every new paragraph must start with 7 spaces. (See Example 4) 

When Not To Give 7 Space : 

If a paragraph or sentence is ending with, Colon ( : ) Semi-colon ( ; ) Hyphen ( -) or (and). ( Do not apply seven space in next paragraph. ) (See Example 5) 

It paragraph or sentence starting with Numbers like 1, 2, 3, or I, II, III or Sec. 1, Sec. 2, Sec. 3, (Do not apply seven space at starting.) (See Example 6) 

If it is one line sentence. (Do not apply seven space at starting.) (See Example 7)  (Consider Paragraph If More then One Full stop, Question mark or Exclamation mark containing in a lines, otherwise consider it as a single line sentence.)

If it is a conversation, or there is Heading in starting of sentence or paragraph. (Do not apply seven space at starting.) (See Example 8) 

If a paragraph is starting with ….(dots). (Do not apply seven space at starting.) (See Example 9) 

Do not give line gap into paragraphs. (See Example 10)

Capital letters or words must be in Capital. (See Example 11) 

Always give One line gap while moving left to right side of the page or colomn. (See Example 12) 

Superscript or subscript number must keep in brackets( ). (See Example 13) 

Leave one line gap before and after footnotes. (See Example 14)